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Genetics of Aquatic Organisms 2020, Vol 4, Num, 1     (Pages: 19-27)

Diet Effects on Growth, Mortality, RNA: DNA Ratio and Gene Expression of Zebrafish Danio rerio

Golam Rabbane 1 ,Yousuf Ali 1 ,Al Zahid 1 ,Jakir Hossain 2

1 Department of Fisheries, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
2 Department of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
DOI : 10.4194/2459-1831-v4_1_02 Viewed : 224 - Downloaded : 213 This study evaluated the effects of different combination of commercial and natural diets (T1: egg yolk, T2: egg yolk+ Artemia, T3: Horlicks, T4: Horlicks+ Artemia, T5: TetraBits, T6: TetraBits+ Artemia, T7: NovoTom, T8: NovoTom+ Artemia) on growth, mortality, RNA: DNA ratio and gene expression of zebrafish for a period of 45 days. Significantly highest length (2.75±0.04 cm) and weight (0.25±0.10 g) gain were recorded in T2 treatment. Lowest length gain (2.00±0.08 cm) and weight gain (0.14±0.12 g) were calculated in T3. Significant highest mortality (65.00±8.66%) was observed in treatment T7 followed by T5 and T8 and significant lowest mortality (20.00±7.64%) was recorded in T2. By molecular analysis, Highest RNA: DNA ratio was found (1.01) in T5 followed by T4 (0.95) and lowest was found in T1 (0.77). Interestingly, a similar result was observed for gh1 (Growth hormone 1) gene expression. Highest gene expression was found in T5 followed by T4 and lowest in T2. Significant down regulation was observed in T2 for gh1 gene. Finally, the study would suggest that zebrafish can be fed with egg yolk+Artemia for better growth performance. The findings could provide a significant contribution to the field of global zebrafish as well as aquaculture research. Keywords : Natural Diets, Commercial Diets, Condition Factor, Growth Hormone, Gene Expression